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GCM was founded by George Duff, a 28-year veteran of the wealth management industry. All DST investment opportunities are vetted by a team, headed by a chartered financial analyst (CFA) to filter available DST investments down to the ones ultimately offered on our platform. Not all DSTs can make the cut! The investment landscape has evolved since 2004 when DSTs first became available for 1031 exchange transactions.

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Simplify your Real Estate with Professionally Managed DSTs

What is a DST (Delaware Statutory Trust)?

The Delaware Statutory Trust is an alternative to exchanging into more real estate. Following all the rules of the 1031 Exchange, DSTs allow you to move from active management of personally-owned real estate to investing passively in institution-grade investment properties, managed by a DST sponsor.

Benefits of DST

Why put your 1031 Exchange funds into a
DST (Delaware Statutory Trust)?

10 reasons to consider the DST option instead of buying more Real Estate:


Spread your investment across multiple geographies and sectors, reducing risk.

Professional Management

Benefit from expert management, eliminating the hassle & liability of direct property management.

Profit Sharing

Gain a potential share in the profits when the DST properties are sold, contributing to capital growth.

Lower Entry Point

With smaller minimum investments, DSTs are accessible to a wider range of investors.

Access to Quality Real Estate

Invest in larger, higher-quality properties that are usually out of reach for individual investors.

Passive Income

Receive regular income distributions without the day-to-day involvement in property management.

Simplified 1031 Process

DSTs streamline the 1031 exchange process, making it easier to defer capital gains taxes.

Estate Planning Benefits

Hand down shares in DSTs with a step-up in basis, eliminating capital gains taxes and avoiding conflicts among heirs over physical real estate.

Why Work With Us?

Experience the Advantage of Partnering with Grace Capital Management.

Independence makes all the difference. GCM is an independent advisory firm offering a personal alternative to the giant investment banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies that have contributed to the turmoil in the global financial markets.
GCM conducts original research and expertly applies it to our clients’ unique needs. Our customized solutions are derived from independent sources and third-party analysis with a focus on quality and accuracy.
We have no exclusive relationships with investment banks, brokerages, mutual fund companies, insurance companies, or any other investment firms. We offer an independent consultative approach.
Rather than chasing short term gains, we work hard to meet and exceed real, agreed-upon, long-term benchmarks. This requires discipline, a time-tested approach to business, and ongoing analysis. There is wisdom in knowing what is consistent and repeatable.
We collaborate with our clients to develop and implement dynamic strategies that cultivate wealth and financial well-being. Our independence frees us to navigate the complex financial landscape, and tailor solutions to your needs today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

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Maximize Your Returns with DST Investments:
Three Key Paydays


Tax-Deferred Savings:

Investing in a DST allows you to leverage the full amount of your capital gains, thanks to tax deferral. In states like Texas or Florida, you defer the potential 23.8% capital gains tax, while in higher-tax states like California, you defer up to 37.1%. This means instead of investing just 62.9-76.2% of your gains (after taxes), you can invest the full 100%, compounding your investment power.


The Goal Of Monthly Income:

DSTs offer the allure of a potentially steady cash flow, with returns typically in the range of 4-6% annually. This income is a direct result of the DST sponsor’s ability to profitably manage the underlying real estate, distributing achieved profits monthly throughout the investment period. With pass-through depreciation, some or all of this income may also be tax-free.


Profit from Asset Sale:

The goal of the DST sponsor is a sale of the DST’s real estate assets for a profit, usually within 5-7 years (and sometimes 10 or more).The lifecycle of a DST can align well with overall market cycles. This means that in addition to regular income, you stand to gain a share of a profitable sale upon the trust's liquidation.

The Bottom Line:

Investing in a DST can yield an impressive internal rate of return when you consider the ENTIRE lifecycle of the investment. This encompasses initial tax savings, consistent income generation, and the final profit from the asset sale, making DSTs a powerful tool in your investment arsenal.


Consult with Financial and Real Estate experts who Understand DSTs

These are some of the individuals and firms that we have relationships with, who we know are well-versed in the DST option in 1031 Exchange transactions.

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