Maximizing Tax Efficiency with
Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) Investments

At Grace Capital Management, we understand the importance of tax-efficient investing strategies for your discerning clients. Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investments offer a compelling avenue for investors seeking to optimize their tax position while enjoying the robust potential of real estate investments. Let’s explore the distinct tax advantages DSTs provide, focusing on tax deferment, tax-free income potential, and the significant step-up in basis benefit at the DST lifecycle’s conclusion.

Tax-Deferred Growth Through 1031 Exchanges​

One of the most powerful tax benefits of investing in a DST is the ability to defer capital gains taxes through a 1031 exchange. When investors sell a property and reinvest the proceeds into a DST, they can defer paying capital gains taxes on the sale, allowing the investment to grow tax-deferred. This strategic move not only preserves capital but also enhances the potential for compounded growth over time. Many are only aware of the ability to buy more like-for-like real estate, but the DST is a strategic alternative.

Potential for Tax-Efficient Income

DST (Delaware Statutory Trust) investments can provide investors with income streams primarily derived from the rental income of the underlying real estate assets. This income is not tax-free, but the tax impact is often substantially reduced through depreciation deductions. These deductions can offset the income generated, acting as a tax shield and rendering a portion of the DST income effectively tax-free. This strategy enhances cash flow and improves the overall return on investment, making DSTs an appealing option for those seeking tax-efficient real estate earnings.

Step-Up in Basis: Enhancing Estate Planning with DSTs​

A key benefit of DST investments, particularly valuable in estate planning, is the step-up in basis. Upon the investor’s death, heirs can receive a step-up in basis to the market value of the DST interests. This adjustment can significantly lower the capital gains tax should the heirs decide to withdraw the profits upon the completion of the DST lifecycle, facilitating a more tax-efficient wealth transfer to the next generation and preserving the estate’s value.

Enhance Your Clients’ Portfolios with DST Investments​

For CPAs and Financial Planners seeking to elevate their clients’ investment strategies, Delaware Statutory Trust investments offer a blend of growth potential and tax advantages that are hard to match. Invite your clients to explore the possibilities with DSTs and discover how they can leverage these investments to achieve their financial and tax planning goals.

Why CPAs and Financial Planners
Choose Grace Capital Management

Our dedicated analyst team differentiates us. We vet DST offerings through our comprehensive due diligence process, endeavoring to offer the best opportunities we can for our clients.

Expertise in DST Structuring

Our team is adept at structuring DST investments that align with the tax optimization strategies for our clients. We understand the intricacies of tax law as it relates to real estate and DST investments, ensuring that our clients’ investments are as tax-efficient as possible.

Comprehensive Tax Planning Support

We collaborate closely with CPAs and Financial Planners, providing detailed investment analyses that include tax implications, potential deductions, and long-term tax planning strategies. Our goal is to complement your advisory services, adding value to your client relationships.

Tailored Investment Solutions

Recognizing that each client’s financial and tax situation is unique, we offer personalized DST investment solutions. Whether the goal is to defer taxes, generate income, or plan for estate transitions, we tailor our DST offerings to meet those specific needs.

Reduce The Risk Inherent In 1031 Exchange Transactions​

Investing in a DST can be an effective component of an estate planning strategy, offering benefits like simplified succession planning, potential tax advantages, and the ease of transferring wealth. However, it’s essential for investors to consult with estate planning professionals and tax advisors to fully understand how a DST fits into their overall estate planning objectives, considering the specific legal and tax implications.

One of the most stressful aspects of a 1031 exchange is identifying suitable replacement properties within the 45-day window. DSTs provide a solution by offering pre-vetted, institutional-grade real estate investments, allowing investors to quickly and efficiently meet this critical deadline.


By investing in a DST, you gain access to a portfolio of properties across various sectors and geographic locations. This diversification helps mitigate the risk associated with individual property ownership and enhances the stability of your investment.

The structure of DSTs allows for a more straightforward and faster closing process compared to traditional real estate transactions, especially those involving mortgages. This efficiency is vital in adhering to the strict timelines of 1031 exchanges, ensuring a seamless transition from your relinquished property to your new DST investment.

Leaving real estate to heirs is fraught with potential conflict.. Managing, upgrading, selling, etc are all options that heirs may differ on. Converting real estate to DST investments accomplishes many benefits.

Why Work With Us?

Our dedicated analyst team differentiates us. We vet DST offerings through our comprehensive due diligence process, endeavoring to offer the best opportunities we can for our clients.